Diamond 60 PVC Window Series

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Diamond 60 PVC Window Series

Diamond 60 PVC Window Series


Our lives are moving to new places. Our rising understanding of quality, aesthetic values ​​and comfort make us more selective. We do not want to spend time and resources on temporary solutions, and we make choices that have trouble-free and high economic life. In the solution we are rightfully seeking; We want quality, aesthetics, performance values, comfort, decorative expectations and long-lasting economic systems to meet in the same product. By meeting all your expectations, Diamond is starting a new era in windows produced with the 60 series.


Diamond 60 series; While creating an aesthetic integrity thanks to its oval lines in all profiles, it is a series that comes to the forefront compared to other 60 series in structures where the exterior environment is desired to be seen more thanks to its specially designed profile structure. It adds more value to its aesthetic appearance with its 21 different laminated color options.


  • The system has a profile width of 60 mm.
  • It is designed with 4 chambers.
  • Glass units of 5 mm, 20 mm and 24 mm can be used in the system.
  • Diamond 60 series; Thanks to the profile width, number of chambers, inertia of the reinforcement sheet and the sealing system, it meets all the requirements in terms of wind load resistance, water tightness and air permeability parameters.
  • The system is suitable for 13 axle espagnolette system.
  • The detail and auxiliary profiles of the system are designed in such a way that solutions can be produced easily for all architectural details.

Wind Load Strength

  • Diamond 60 system has successfully passed the safety test at 2.000 Pa (1655 km/h) wind load resistance.
  • The reinforcement plates of the Diamond 60 system and While designing their positions in the profile, the maximum wind load values ​​that the structures can be exposed to are taken into account.
  • The system, thanks to the detail and graying profiles it has, easily provides the closure of large openings in the structures and high strength values.
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    Water and Air Tightness

    • High resistance to rain is provided even at high wind loads, thanks to the improved water discharge angle and sets for faster and more comfortable water discharge.
    • 600 Pa (110 km/h) ) under wind load at a rain flow rate of 4 liters/minute, no water leaks into the interior and its quality has been proven.

    Heat Insulation

    • Diamond 60 system; Thanks to the number of chambers, widths and profile heights created by considering the profile width, it can meet all the requirements in heat transmission coefficient values.
    • With a window system of 1.23 m x 1.43 m in accordance with TS EN ISO 10077-2 standard Uw: 1.46 W/m2 ºK and Uf: 1.63 W/m2 ºK are provided.

    Sound Insulation

    • Up to 38 dB with Diamond 60 series sound insulation can be provided. In this way, it is possible to create a quality life-level sound environment even in the noisiest environments.
    • The sound insulation to be created thanks to the acoustic glasses that can be used with the system, isolating the sound noise of the outside world from the indoor environment in the most effective way.