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AS IMZA YAPI Sustainability Policy

With its activities shaped in the focus of AS IMZA YAPI, it makes a continuous and powerful contribution to the construction of a more sustainable and livable world. AS IMZA YAPI undertakes to further develop and increase this contribution. /p>

AS IMZA YAPI The purpose of the Sustainability Policy is to determine the main framework, basic principles and priorities of sustainability management at AS IMZA YAPI.


  1. Environmental Performance: The company takes various measures to reduce waste and carbon emissions, focusing on protecting the environment. The company takes steps to reduce environmental impact, such as increasing energy efficiency, promoting recycling, and addressing environmental compliance issues in the supply chain.

  2. Social Performance: Company, employees, suppliers and customers fulfills its responsibilities to all its stakeholders, including The company attaches importance to issues such as fair recruitment policies, employee training and development, supporting local communities and respect for human rights.

  3. Economic Performance: The company combines its financial success with sustainability goals. The company operates to meet the expectations of investors, customers and other stakeholders, while balancing financial success with long-term sustainability goals.

  4. Supply Chain Performance: The company expects all suppliers in the supply chain to comply with sustainability targets and monitors the suppliers' sustainability performance. By optimizing its supply chain processes, the company achieves goals such as reducing the use of natural resources and minimizing waste.

  5. Governance and Transparency: The company places sustainability issues at the center of its governance processes. The company provides open and transparent information to its stakeholders and manages the resources needed to achieve its sustainability goals.