About us

Who are we

Our company, which started its activities in the sector in 1994, has been continuing its activities in Istanbul, Turkey since 2015 under the name of As Signature Yapı. As İmza Yapı, Fırat Plastik A.Ş., which took the first place in Turkey's sector and export figures. We continue our production with our state-of-the-art CNC machine lines in our campuses with a closed area of ​​2500 m2. In addition to all our activities, our activities continue in aluminum joinery, handrail, glass balcony systems, blinds, mosquito nets, assembly and contracting services.

As İmza Yapı, which always keeps its quality at the highest level with its knowledge of years, gains the trust of our valued customers with its expert staff and high customer satisfaction awareness, and produces the highest level of solutions for your needs.


As İmza Yapı, it is our basic mission to offer quality and comfort products that add value to human life to the service of the society with high business ethics and standards.


The vision of As İmza Yapı is to achieve continuous customer satisfaction, perfection and perfection by producing solutions with an innovative perspective that shapes the future together with its business partners in the relevant fields of activity. Parallel to all of these, it is one of our vision goals to be an institution that leads the sector in every aspect.