Garnet 70 & Garnet Selective PVC Window Series

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Garnet 70 & Garnet Selective PVC Window Series

Garnet 70 & Garnet Selective PVC Window Series


Today's urban culture and building technology are being shaped with brand new dimensions. Cities are full of the differentiating silhouettes of this change. Our new living spaces; emphasizes the principles of aesthetics, insulation, comfort and efficiency. By following this change closely, we meet the needs of differentiated building technologies with a new series. Garnet, which interprets the 70 series with a different understanding of aesthetics and insulation, and Garnet Selective with class A wall thickness, are the new choices of modern buildings.



Garnet and Garnet Selective Series, designed to carry the window-standard quality and aesthetic approach to a new dimension, increase the comfort in your living spaces with excellent heat and sound insulation. Garnet, with all profiles 70 mm wide and 5-chamber design, and Garnet Selective, with class A wall thickness, are the new choices of architecture seeking a different aesthetic with its oval lines. Garnet and Garnet Selective meet the expectations of the new trends in decoration with 21 different color options and start a new window period in modern buildings by providing superior heat and sound insulation in the 70 series. By offering windows of different colors inside and outside, it develops alternatives that are compatible with both your furniture and wall color and the exterior of your apartment.


  • Garnet and Garnet Selective system, in which all lines provide aesthetic integrity thanks to its oval drippered wing profile, has 2 different drippered wing profiles. While the oval dropper wing has the same ovality as the case; A dripping wing profile with sharper lines is also optionally available with the Garnet system.

  • All main profiles of the Garnet and Garnet Selective series have a width of 70 mm.
  • Garnet Selective Class A; Garnet has B class wall thickness.
  • While the system has 4 different lath types with an oval structure that increases the width of the inner surface, it also offers 4 different decorative lath alternatives.
  • Detail designed in accordance with the main profiles. and auxiliary profiles, it can easily solve all architectural details.
  • Glass application can be made up to 40 mm thanks to the lath profiles of the system.
  • Garnet 70 series is decorative in your home with 21 different laminated color applications. offers options that will meet their expectations and add value.

Wind Load Resistance

  • Garnet 70 system has passed the safety test at 3,000 Pa (245 km/h) wind load resistance and 600 Pa (110 km/h) water It was designed according to its sealing strength and passed these tests successfully.
  • While developing the Garnet 70 system, the maximum wind load values ​​that the structures may be exposed to were taken into account, and the structure of the support sheets and their positions in the profile were designed to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • The system easily provides the closure of wide openings in the structures and the required strength values ​​thanks to the detail and graying profiles that offer solutions that will meet the architectural expectations.

Water and Air Tightness

  • Garnet 70 series provides high resistance to rain even at high wind loads, thanks to the water discharge angle and sets developed for faster and more comfortable water discharge.
  • 600 Pa In the tests carried out under a wind load of (110 km/h) and at a rain flow rate of 4 liters/minute, there was no water leakage to the indoor environment.

Heat Insulation

  • While designing the Garnet 70 series, it was aimed to keep the heat transmission coefficient value, which is the most important point for energy conservation in PVC window systems, at the lowest value.
  • The profile widths, number of chambers and chamber widths of the system have been developed in order to keep the heat and sound insulation at the highest level.
  • All profiles of the Garnet 70 system have a 5-chamber structure and because the chamber widths are large, the heat transmission coefficient values ​​are low.
  • With a window system measuring 1.23 m x 1.43 m in accordance with TS EN ISO 10077-2 standard, Ug: 0.7 W/m2K, Uw: 1.05 W/m2K and Uf : 1.2 W/m2K values ​​have been reached.

Sound Insulation

  • One of the most important quality criteria of window systems is sound. is insulation. With the Garnet 70 system, the high sound level of around 70 dB, which occurs in buildings close to airports, railways or major highways, falls below 30 dB, which is the sound level that a child can sleep comfortably.
  • With the Garnet 70 series, it is up to 40 dB. sound insulation can be provided. Thus, it is possible to create a quality life-level sound environment even in the loudest environments.