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Shutterbox Shutter Systems, which adapt perfectly to all kinds of projects, are monoblock blinds systems that do not protrude on the exterior of the building and are applied on the window. With its lamination options, aesthetic appearance and functionality, it offers solutions suitable for your architectural and decorative expectations.

Shutterbox shutter systems consist of 3 different size box systems.

  • 155 mm Shutter Box
  • 195 mm Shutter Box
  • 220 mm Shutter Box
It is designed in accordance with its dimensions.

Shutterbox Shutter Systems are suitable for the use of PVC and aluminum lamellas from 37 mm to 55 mm.

The system can be applied to sliding systems thanks to its detailed profiles, as well as to the application of roller blinds and pleated mosquito nets.

With Shutterbox blind systems, you can operate your blinds with the help of a button or remote control thanks to the motors that can be used in the box. adds value.